☆「Lang-8に 宿題(の下書き)ばかりを連投するのは よくない」 ということを どこか(Web上の)で読んだことを思い出して、 月並みな日記も 書きました。
画像添付をしたさに 有料会員にもなってるから、 課題もいいけど もっと 画像付きの英文日記を増やして、元を取りたいものです。

以下、英文(171 words)

This summer, I take online lessons as often as possible.

Talking in English is really fun, because I feel my ideas getting simpler and firmer.

The main reason is because English has different ways of constructing logic within a statement from Japanese, but I don't think it's the only reason for me.

I tend to memorize English words or phrases with positive meanings and nuances easily, which pumps me up.


Since last spring, I've been teaching computing instead of English.

Preparations for MS Office, drills before lessons, or assignment tasks have become more urgent to me, which often reduces my fun time --- in other words, my time to learn English.


My summer vacation this year would have to be the most fruitful one I've ever experienced, however, it has one big disadvantage.

I often forget to do my work tasks and computer science assignments because I'm concentrating on learning English!

This is a really big dilemma for me.

I'll have to finish this entry and go on to my urgent tasks.

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日本語文は、[ 続き ] からどうぞ。