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[ 添削後英文日記 ] One Rainy Day at a Nearby Starbucks

◆この日記は、8月18日に書かれたものです。todayという単語を見つけたら、08/18 に置き換えてお楽しみください

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)

Last Sunday, my youngest daughter and I went to a nearby Starbucks to study.
We know that Starbucks' store clerks have restricted customers staying for hours to study or work, so we decided to stay there for only an hour .

The store we visited had a bulletin board at the entrance, which indicates they have two types of tables; one is for ordinary customers for enjoying drinks and chatting, and the other is for those who want to work or study.
For example, a couple of fluffy single couches cannot be used for studying or working.
All customers are not allowed to use computers for a long time at tables for ordinary customers.

The moment we entered 
the store, almost all tables "for working or studying" were packed.
We barely found a vacant table in the terrace, ordered an orange juice and an iced tea.
We did our homework tasks each for about an hour and disposed our empty cups quickly.
Fortunately, we were not scolded by the clerks or owner for our studying because we didn't study at the inner table.

An incredible thing we saw in front of the dustbin: Almost all the customers with PCs or big workbooks were still doing 
their work or studying!
We wondered how long they would be going to stay there, and at the same time I could see why the store clerks or owner didn't scold customers occupying the tables for a long time with computers and study materials---at least the store clerks can have more rest thanks to a low turnover.


[ Voice Blog ] What a Disaster!


声日記は、個人で楽しむ場合は ご自由にお持ち帰りになれます。
SNSやブログ、ウェブサイト等に添付する際は、クレジット表記 をお願いいたします。

(クレジット表記とは、【 What a Disaster!   writtten by しば / shiba 】を書き込むことです。

【添削後英文日記】What a Disaster!

◆この日記は、8月2日に書かれたものです。todayという単語を見つけたら、08/02 に置き換えてお楽しみください

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)

I saw three roaches in one day.
The first roach was found in the washing machine; I have no idea how it got into the washing machine because its lid was closed.

The second and third ones were seen in the kitchen.
One of them jumped up to the ceiling when I sprayed the bug spray.
Finally I killed the two roaches in the kitchen.

I read last winter that we can get rid of cockroaches by leaving all the windows in a house open in a cold day; female roaches decide where to lay eggs in winter and they avoid low temperature in winter.
I will try keeping all the windows open in mid-winter next year.

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)


「殺虫剤」pesticide 、実際は「農薬」


bug spray

(G専用は、roach spray)



[ Voice Blog ] Studying Place Being Abandoned


声日記は、個人で楽しむ場合は ご自由にお持ち帰りになれます。
SNSやブログ、ウェブサイト等に添付する際は、クレジット表記 をお願いいたします。

(クレジット表記とは、【 Studying Place Being Abandoned   writtten by しば / shiba 】を書き込むことです。

【添削後英文日記】Studying Place Being Abandoned

◆ 原文は、7月29日付けです。※ today = 07/29 に読み替えてお楽しみください(^^)/


I discovered some sad news while surfing the web today: Starbucks is going to forbid customers from studying or working at tables.
The reason I felt this news was sad is that Starbucks is not a place for enjoying coffee, but a kind of sanctuary full of diligent learners.

From the store clerks' point of view, it is obviously annoying to see customers stay at the tables for a long time with just a cup of coffee.

I do agree with the idea that customers have to refrain from occupying the table for a long time, so I carefully select my study materials when I go to a cafe to study.

On the other hand, it's also true there are some people who can concentrate more in moderately noisy places than in quiet places; they are apt to work or study at a cafe or a hamburger shop.
I'm also the kind of person who likes moderately noisy places for studying.

Currently, only a few cafes in metropolitan areas have forbidden studying at the tables, but we residents in the suburb or the countryside also have to beware.

If we can't concentrate on our tasks at home and want to go out somewhere moderately noisy to study, where should we go after being kicked out of Starbucks or McDonald's?


種から育てるサボテン(2) 発芽から1か月 (英文付き)

しば初の 実生(みしょう)サボテン、松霞くん。





100円ショップの 「土に埋めると3か月後に土に還る植木鉢」に、サボテン・多肉用黒土を張って、かつ、食器整理箱に腰水。

サボテンの「種」を取るには、同じ属のサボを2株以上(最低2株)用意して、別の花の 花粉を受粉できるようにするのがポイントみたい。

☆ 「種から育てるサボテン」 (1)と(2)を合体させたような内容を、英語でも書いてみたよ。
(原文はLang-8 にあります。添削入ってないんで、間違いあるかもしれないけど、原文ママです)

I sewed some cactus seeds a month ago.
Of course it's the very first time for me to grow cacti from their seeds.

I googled how to take care of cactus seeds and sprouts, and was so surprised to find that cactus seeds and very young cacti under one year old need wet soil and do not like direct sunlight.

For a couple of weeks until almost more than a half of the seeds sprouted, I left the heater on all day to keep the temperature around the seedbed higher than 25 degrees Celsius.
I was very happy to find the first sprout 10 days after sewing seeds: maybe I'm as happy as the moment I saw a cactus flower bloom for the first time!

Growing cacti is full of wonder, which enhances my interest in gardening.

♪ 音が出ます ♪




アレ ねぇ・・・


しばの脳内でのつぶやき。(小声 につき、文字サイズ小さくしてあります)







たとえば、「映画」。アメリカ英語は movie  で、イギリス英語は film 。
「映画館」 は、theater  と、 cinema


Today was the last day of long spring holidays in Japan, so called "Golden Week".
My children and I watched Frozen at a theater in Hitachinaka city.
We chose the English version with Japanese captions.

theater lobby was packed due to chilly, cloudy weather, but luckily the room for Frozen (English version) was not so crowded.
One reason was that half of the audience watched the Japanese-dubbed Frozen or Crayon Shin-chan.

I fully enjoyed the movie and thought Anna might be one of the most naive heroines in Disney's films.
At first, I imagined that "the true love act" was a kiss from a man to Anna, just like previous heroines in Disney's films such as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.
It was a very new perspective to me that Anna chose the sibling bond rather than her fiance.

Lastly, I was very glad to see my children watch a movie in English with me.
It will be a great pleasure to watch original foreign movies with my family.

青字の film は、movie  に置換されています。 


花言葉 with 2014年4月29日のLang-8日記



外に出られない分英語を・・・と思って、がんばったけど、 iKnow! で3時間/週 のノルマもクリアできずだった。


だけど、その際、ちょこっとだけ 「花言葉」 を気にしてみませんか? という趣旨の日記です。


Mother's Day is approaching.
This year, it's May 11.
Recently, carnation bunches and potted carnations have been in store at flower retailers and also home centers in Japan.
When we choose carnations for Mother's Day gifts, it helps us a lot to know about flower meanings.

Generally, one flower species has one language of flower; for example, clover means good luck.
On the other hand, carnation has several different meanings by petal colors.
Red carnations and pink carnations are suitable for Mother's Day gifts because they mean the admiration or affection toward receipients.
It will rather be rude to give our loved one yellow or striped carnations, which imply rejection or refusal.

I would often think about giving my mother yellow carnations at the time I disputed with her.
Our relationship would have become terrible if I had given her yellow carnations and she had known the meaning of them.
This year I was planning to give her a potted moth orchid, but she already got it by herself.
I completely have no idea what to give her.


「トイレにサボテン (1年目)」の英文日記。☆添削済みです

「人気記事」のブログパーツを見ると、なぜか 英文日記が上位に来てる!
このまま天・・・・・・・まではいかずとも、木 くらいは登ってしまいそう(*^。^*)





I’ve started growing cacti since last month.
I grow my cacti in the bathrooms!


It was one day in the beginning of April.
I bought a fuu-sui book (fuu-sui: tips for interior decoration to bring good luck), and it said that a cactus bowl in the toilet room would help you block bad luck and people you dislike.

Since I was suffering from frequent quarrels with my mother at that time, I got an opuntia cactus for 100 yen and put it in the bathroom on the first floor.

My daughters chuckled when they first saw it, but I didn’t mind at all.
I simply believed what the fuu-sui book said and really thought the cacti were very cute.

From two weeks after I put a cactus bowl in the bathroom, my family members have had less arguments than before, and I got a job offer, even though it was a temporary one.

Happiness is surely coming!

My cactus is growing well too!!

I found one more good thing which has been brought with this cactus bowl in the bathroom.

I’ve become fond of cleaning the bathroom ;)


旅路で書いた英文日記 (3/23の日記 in Lang-8 添削済み版)

I'm on a solo trip for three days.
Today is the last day.

On the first day, I took a midnight bus to Osaka.
On the second day, I visited the Osaka Castle and did some shopping downtown. Then I headed to Tokyo by another midnight bus.

I've been subconsciously wanting to go on a trip all by myself, even without joining a tour.
The first time I planned my trip was in the February of 1991, when the Gulf War broke out.
I remember, during that time, the government prohibited overseas trips.
It made me so sad.

Even if it's just a domestic trip, I'm very happy and satisfied to have arranged a trip schedule and book buses alone.
Also, I greatly appreciate my family members, who let me go to this trip.





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