My son left home two weeks ago.
A month ago, he found a room to rent online before visiting a real estate agency.
It's all his decision.
I was going to give him a hand with his move.

When we got home from a real estate agency with my son's rent contract, my mother got upset.
She didn't like being left out in my son's room search.
It's clear that SHE would take the lead if we went on a room search with her.
Actually, she took the lead in my eldest daughter's moving two years ago, which caused my daughter a lot of trouble and depression.

My son and I discussed this matter and decided to let my mother handle most of his moving chores.
She became happy and willing after that, whereas my son got mentally exhausted.
It drives me mad to see my son just play along with his grandmother; it looks like a codependency between a grandson and a grandmother.
Still, he chooses to play along with her in order to prevent fights and disputes.

Recently, I've come to think my mother desperately wanted a son.
She might feel like raising her own son by meddling in MY son's affairs by saying, "I've been worried about him."
I don't agree with her, but I'll let her do what she wants.
I must be unconsciously playing along with her, too.

I know I don't need to play along with my parents anymore, but it's a child's ultimate pleasure to see his / her mother's happy face.
A child can bear any hardships in order to please his / her mother.
Children can even give up their future dreams or their true feelings for their mother's smile!

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