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[Voice Blog] Happy New Year!


On New Year's Eve, I decided to upgrade my Lang-8 membership in order to attach my pics onto my entries.

I've been looking forward to uploading my pic on Lang-8; my dream has come true...

Yesterday, I got up at 2:30 a.m. and prepared for my annual photography tour --- the first sunrise viewing!!
This year, I chose the bank of Lake Senba, the lake located in the center of Mito City.
It was less crowded than I expected, but I needed to wait a little longer compared to taking the rising sun pics on seashores.

I saw several people walking or jogging along the bank while taking pictures.
It was not only me that enjoyed the first rising sun with a camera; some young women stopped to photograph the rising sun with their smartphones.
Seeing the rising sun on New Year's Day morning spurs me up so much.

♪ 音が出ます(PC、タブレット、スマートフォンに対応)(^^♪


[Voice Blog] Online TOEIC Test Preparation


レアジョブのレッスンでは、12/13にTOEIC受ける・・・って決めて出願するまでは、Daily News Articleや 季節ネタのフリートークをすることが多かったです。
初めての先生に当たって、自己紹介する時に 一度、英文日記を見せた(Lang-8マイページへのリンクをチャットボックスで送りました)ことがあったかなぁ。。。

英文日記は、数日(4~5日が多い)待ってると大概添削が入るので、添削入ったら 添削部分を復習して、ここに転記 → アフター文を読み上げて、収録します。 
でも 今回の日記は、添削でなくて コメントが付きました。
(添削のほうを 待ってるんだけど・・・) 
コメント付いた時点での収録音声と、原文をそのまま お送りします。

(音声: PC、スマートフォン、タブレットで声を聞けます)


I went to Tsukuba Convention Center for my TOEIC test yesterday.
It's 11 months after my previous test, when I taught English to 10th graders and 11th graders at a public high school.
I scored 810 in January, and completely lost my confidence in teaching English.
That's the reason I accepted the offer to teach computing in March.
I believed at the time that doing a job without using English would broaden my knowledge and perspective.

Teaching computing is a big fun for me.
My experience of teaching English helps me a great deal especially when introducing a new operation task with Microsoft Word or Excel.
I instinctively avoid using technical terms which often complicate students; it's one of important theories for entertaining students in English lessons at schools.
I'm really glad when I hear my students say "I have to work hard during computer classes."

Enjoying a computing teacher's job doesn't mean giving up teaching English to me.
It's rather a training session for obtaining a universal skill other than using English.
I've come to enjoy practicing English for fun through my current job since this autumn, so I decided to take 12/13 TOEIC test.
This time I tried practice test sets provided by Rarejob Inc.; I solved them before my online lessons and checked the answers with tutors in my lesson time.
I answered 9 Lesson chapters out of 100 until 12/13 TOEIC test, and during my test I felt a kind of happiness seeing some words I'd learned with tutors.

I'm not sure how well I did on the test, still, I do want to complete this course checking my improvement by taking TOEIC test repeatedly.
Lastly, I express my gratitude to Rarejob tutors and staff, who always mention the importance of continuous and spontaneous efforts.


【再掲】My Message for the Ninth Graders ~2010年11月14日の日記~

この英文日記を書いた時の勤め先は、高校受験主体の 塾。
中3生の英語を 主に担当していました。



I do want to say,
that high school entrance exams are never goals;
university entrance exams are not either.
Even after going into the workforce,
only the people who keep on studying can survive.

I hear sometimes that some of you think
that you're looking forward to enjoying yourselves
after your high school entrance exams.
But I don't think
that lives only with pleasure are not as fruitful as you imagine.
We need to bear some hardship to make our happy times shine.
It's our efforts that make our lives meaningful.

I myself have had some tough times before getting my current job,
and even now I have a hard time at work
making me think I must study more.
It's for a promotion in a sense, 
but that's not the only reason
for me to continue to learn English.
I need to stand on my feet,
mentally and financially.
I keep my study of English even after I grew up, 
believing that constantly studying will save me
from a sudden layoff or some other burdens on business.

to live is to keep improving!



[ Voice Blog ] One Rainy Day at a Nearby Starbucks


声日記は、個人で楽しむ場合は ご自由にお持ち帰りになれます。

SNSやブログ、ウェブサイト等に添付する際は、クレジット表記 をお願いいたします。

(クレジット表記とは、【 One Rainy Day at a Nearby Starbucks   writtten by しば / shiba 】を書き込むことです。

[ 添削後英文日記 ] One Rainy Day at a Nearby Starbucks

◆この日記は、8月18日に書かれたものです。todayという単語を見つけたら、08/18 に置き換えてお楽しみください

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)

Last Sunday, my youngest daughter and I went to a nearby Starbucks to study.
We know that Starbucks' store clerks have restricted customers staying for hours to study or work, so we decided to stay there for only an hour .

The store we visited had a bulletin board at the entrance, which indicates they have two types of tables; one is for ordinary customers for enjoying drinks and chatting, and the other is for those who want to work or study.
For example, a couple of fluffy single couches cannot be used for studying or working.
All customers are not allowed to use computers for a long time at tables for ordinary customers.

The moment we entered 
the store, almost all tables "for working or studying" were packed.
We barely found a vacant table in the terrace, ordered an orange juice and an iced tea.
We did our homework tasks each for about an hour and disposed our empty cups quickly.
Fortunately, we were not scolded by the clerks or owner for our studying because we didn't study at the inner table.

An incredible thing we saw in front of the dustbin: Almost all the customers with PCs or big workbooks were still doing 
their work or studying!
We wondered how long they would be going to stay there, and at the same time I could see why the store clerks or owner didn't scold customers occupying the tables for a long time with computers and study materials---at least the store clerks can have more rest thanks to a low turnover.


[ Voice Blog ] What a Disaster!


声日記は、個人で楽しむ場合は ご自由にお持ち帰りになれます。
SNSやブログ、ウェブサイト等に添付する際は、クレジット表記 をお願いいたします。

(クレジット表記とは、【 What a Disaster!   writtten by しば / shiba 】を書き込むことです。

【添削後英文日記】What a Disaster!

◆この日記は、8月2日に書かれたものです。todayという単語を見つけたら、08/02 に置き換えてお楽しみください

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)

I saw three roaches in one day.
The first roach was found in the washing machine; I have no idea how it got into the washing machine because its lid was closed.

The second and third ones were seen in the kitchen.
One of them jumped up to the ceiling when I sprayed the bug spray.
Finally I killed the two roaches in the kitchen.

I read last winter that we can get rid of cockroaches by leaving all the windows in a house open in a cold day; female roaches decide where to lay eggs in winter and they avoid low temperature in winter.
I will try keeping all the windows open in mid-winter next year.

( ・_ゝ・)o*――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――゚+.――*o(・c_,・)


「殺虫剤」pesticide 、実際は「農薬」


bug spray

(G専用は、roach spray)



[ Voice Blog ] Studying Place Being Abandoned


声日記は、個人で楽しむ場合は ご自由にお持ち帰りになれます。
SNSやブログ、ウェブサイト等に添付する際は、クレジット表記 をお願いいたします。

(クレジット表記とは、【 Studying Place Being Abandoned   writtten by しば / shiba 】を書き込むことです。

【添削後英文日記】Studying Place Being Abandoned

◆ 原文は、7月29日付けです。※ today = 07/29 に読み替えてお楽しみください(^^)/


I discovered some sad news while surfing the web today: Starbucks is going to forbid customers from studying or working at tables.
The reason I felt this news was sad is that Starbucks is not a place for enjoying coffee, but a kind of sanctuary full of diligent learners.

From the store clerks' point of view, it is obviously annoying to see customers stay at the tables for a long time with just a cup of coffee.

I do agree with the idea that customers have to refrain from occupying the table for a long time, so I carefully select my study materials when I go to a cafe to study.

On the other hand, it's also true there are some people who can concentrate more in moderately noisy places than in quiet places; they are apt to work or study at a cafe or a hamburger shop.
I'm also the kind of person who likes moderately noisy places for studying.

Currently, only a few cafes in metropolitan areas have forbidden studying at the tables, but we residents in the suburb or the countryside also have to beware.

If we can't concentrate on our tasks at home and want to go out somewhere moderately noisy to study, where should we go after being kicked out of Starbucks or McDonald's?


主ふ業の底力 & 「タラレバ」 (2014年6月11日のLang-8英文日記) ※ 声が出ます


修理するにも、 「修理前に晴れの日が1週間くらい続いて、屋根板が十分乾かないと直せない」 みたいなことを大工さんが言ってくるので、修理を始める条件が整わないまま、天井の状態は悪化の一途。
後で、「雨関連英語コーパス集」でも作ろうか・・・ ((+_+))

5/29に娘1のアパート火事以来、週に1日以上、繁忙期は週の半分を東京で過ごす・・・という、文字通り ダブルライフ のうちに過ぎようとしてる今年の6月。
いろんな意味で、 「専業主ふ って、偉大だ」 と再認識した月でした。
ただ、せめて、「1週間のうち1日は、どこかに出かけないで家事をして過ごそう」 とか、「寝る時間が今よりももっと減っても、平日の家事時間を増やそう」 みたいなことは、考えてます。

(注) しばは、「しゅふ」 という言葉に、「主婦 & 主夫」の両方を含めたいと考えて、「ふ」の字をわざとひらがなで書いています。 


I started to work again just a little before I reached 40.
The key reason was to get money for my learning English, which remains the same. I was working for a local company cafeteria at the time.
In spite it was kind of routine work, I made so many mistakes and learned lots of things from them.
After a couple of months later, I was diagnosed by a doctor that I had anemia.
The doctor also told me that I could be more careful if I got more iron in my blood.

I stayed at home again to improve my health from May to July in 2009, and got an English-teaching job at a local English school for children from August.
Although it was a fixed-term contract, it was enough for me to recognize that teaching foreign languages is my life's work.
I have been working for education industry such as a cram school and a test management company ever since, and I really enjoyed my jobs until my eldest daughter's apartment was hit by a fire.
I scarcely thought I wanted to get back to housework.

I love teaching English, which I think is the best way to check my English skills and effectiveness of my own learning style.
But these days, the situation is a bit different.
I sometimes think of another option "if I had kept staying at home in December 2008", or "if I had got back to housework at the time" since my eldest daughter encountered a fire.
I recognized that housewives are the most useful when dealing with family members' sudden trouble.
At the same time, I really appreciate my mother has been staying at home for over 40 years for us family members.

Housework is the greatest job which needs huge flexibility and facilitates each local or regional community.
I regret a little that I dropped out of housework; I'm not patient enough. At least I will do housework and community management tasks spontaneously after retirement from regular work.

☆ 声が出ます




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