On New Year's Eve, I decided to upgrade my Lang-8 membership in order to attach my pics onto my entries.

I've been looking forward to uploading my pic on Lang-8; my dream has come true...

Yesterday, I got up at 2:30 a.m. and prepared for my annual photography tour --- the first sunrise viewing!!
This year, I chose the bank of Lake Senba, the lake located in the center of Mito City.
It was less crowded than I expected, but I needed to wait a little longer compared to taking the rising sun pics on seashores.

I saw several people walking or jogging along the bank while taking pictures.
It was not only me that enjoyed the first rising sun with a camera; some young women stopped to photograph the rising sun with their smartphones.
Seeing the rising sun on New Year's Day morning spurs me up so much.

♪ 音が出ます(PC、タブレット、スマートフォンに対応)(^^♪

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