レアジョブのレッスンでは、12/13にTOEIC受ける・・・って決めて出願するまでは、Daily News Articleや 季節ネタのフリートークをすることが多かったです。
初めての先生に当たって、自己紹介する時に 一度、英文日記を見せた(Lang-8マイページへのリンクをチャットボックスで送りました)ことがあったかなぁ。。。

英文日記は、数日(4~5日が多い)待ってると大概添削が入るので、添削入ったら 添削部分を復習して、ここに転記 → アフター文を読み上げて、収録します。 
でも 今回の日記は、添削でなくて コメントが付きました。
(添削のほうを 待ってるんだけど・・・) 
コメント付いた時点での収録音声と、原文をそのまま お送りします。

(音声: PC、スマートフォン、タブレットで声を聞けます)


I went to Tsukuba Convention Center for my TOEIC test yesterday.
It's 11 months after my previous test, when I taught English to 10th graders and 11th graders at a public high school.
I scored 810 in January, and completely lost my confidence in teaching English.
That's the reason I accepted the offer to teach computing in March.
I believed at the time that doing a job without using English would broaden my knowledge and perspective.

Teaching computing is a big fun for me.
My experience of teaching English helps me a great deal especially when introducing a new operation task with Microsoft Word or Excel.
I instinctively avoid using technical terms which often complicate students; it's one of important theories for entertaining students in English lessons at schools.
I'm really glad when I hear my students say "I have to work hard during computer classes."

Enjoying a computing teacher's job doesn't mean giving up teaching English to me.
It's rather a training session for obtaining a universal skill other than using English.
I've come to enjoy practicing English for fun through my current job since this autumn, so I decided to take 12/13 TOEIC test.
This time I tried practice test sets provided by Rarejob Inc.; I solved them before my online lessons and checked the answers with tutors in my lesson time.
I answered 9 Lesson chapters out of 100 until 12/13 TOEIC test, and during my test I felt a kind of happiness seeing some words I'd learned with tutors.

I'm not sure how well I did on the test, still, I do want to complete this course checking my improvement by taking TOEIC test repeatedly.
Lastly, I express my gratitude to Rarejob tutors and staff, who always mention the importance of continuous and spontaneous efforts.


★ 英文日記は、Lang-8 に先に書きます。