この英文日記を書いた時の勤め先は、高校受験主体の 塾。
中3生の英語を 主に担当していました。



I do want to say,
that high school entrance exams are never goals;
university entrance exams are not either.
Even after going into the workforce,
only the people who keep on studying can survive.

I hear sometimes that some of you think
that you're looking forward to enjoying yourselves
after your high school entrance exams.
But I don't think
that lives only with pleasure are not as fruitful as you imagine.
We need to bear some hardship to make our happy times shine.
It's our efforts that make our lives meaningful.

I myself have had some tough times before getting my current job,
and even now I have a hard time at work
making me think I must study more.
It's for a promotion in a sense, 
but that's not the only reason
for me to continue to learn English.
I need to stand on my feet,
mentally and financially.
I keep my study of English even after I grew up, 
believing that constantly studying will save me
from a sudden layoff or some other burdens on business.

to live is to keep improving!