It's been almost two years since I started growing cacti.
The first cactus I got was an Opunitia named "Bunny Ears", which was in a store for 100 yen among the other foliage plants.

オプンチア 金烏帽子
オプンチア 金烏帽子 posted by (C)shibashiba

When potting it, I made at least two serious mistakes.
Even though it was sold with saccurent plants, I should have noticed that cacti must be grown on dry soil.

In the second year, I bought cactus soil and flower pots made of clay and china for my cacti and repotted them from April to May.
I gave them sunlight as often as I could and watered them less.

オプンチア 金烏帽子 2013/04カキコ物
オプンチア 金烏帽子 2013/04カキコ物 posted by (C)shibashiba

I got another cactus in 2012, which grew well even in the wet clay pellets in its first year.
Now it is getting taller every year.

セリアさんの「ギムノカリキウム」 posted by (C)shibashiba

I have bought six other cacti so far and now I have seven of them.
I will not forget the moment I first saw a cactus flower.

マミラリアの、でっかい花 posted by (C)shibashiba