I'm going to replace my iPhone this weekend.
I have been using an iPhone 4S for one year and eight months, but yesterday I decided to upgrade my iPhone to 5S.
The key reason is that it takes longer than last year to receive emails, and it sometimes warns me that I have entered the wrong password even if I keep logging into the same email servers I always use.

I visited my favorite PC shop on my way home from work and asked a shop clerk for some advice.He recommended that I get the latest iPhone with faster performance, especially if I use a navigation app like Google Maps.
He also said that LTE smartphones have faster performance than 3G smartphones, especially in rural areas.

Lastly, he asked me to come again with my desktop computer when I have finished copying my current iPhone's settings in onto the computer.
From next week, my current iPhone will go to my youngest daughter, who loves feature phones but wants to try various apps.

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